Lean Workout

6ix exists to help organisations deploy and reap the benefits of lean thinking. Most companies understand conceptually the power of lean thinking, but need help when it comes to “Lean Doing”. The good news is that we know how to do it and have a track record of delivering return on investments of 15 to 1.

If you already have a project in mind or have identified one through our diagnostic services our lean workout will deliver the results. Typically lasting around 15 days, our team-based approach will realise the benefits and up-skill those involved.

Our Approach
After setting the workout objectives, we work with cross functional teams in order to fully understand the improvement potential. Your team is empowered to make the changes necessary to drive out waste. This a “learning by doing” approach; our aim is to transfer the knowledge to your people in order that sustainability of improvement is achieved as well as tangible benefits. Staff become “engaged” when they realise that they can make a difference, know how to do it, and know they have senior management support.
Our approach is based on a sound philosophy of continuous improvement which relies on:
•    a team based approach
•    improvement efforts delivering measurable results
•    improvement efforts being customer focused
•    a transfer of knowledge to produce an in-house improvement capability

Our success depends wholly on achieving tangible benefits for our customers, but the “doing” must be done by the people in the business, not us. We believe that people are central to any endeavour and that to be successful we must win their hearts as well as minds. We will not support any activity that could be viewed as destructive from a personnel perspective.

Workout Activity & Structure
A Lean Workout is an agreed number of whole or half-day sessions designed to achieve a project aim. They typically constitute 10-15 days set in intervals of 2 to 3 weeks, meaning a project usually lasts between 6 and 9 months. As the Continual Improvement methodology and the Workout structure is flexible and process focussed, we are able to assist with all process and project types. We have delivered successfully with new-build site construction, maintenance and repairs and support services such as tendering and administration. We also provide lean workouts to manufacturers and suppliers of products to the construction sector.

A member of 6ix will work with the improvement team on each of the workout sessions working through a simple, tried-and-tested structure.

Project Definition
Agree focus for improvements & Company expectations

Establish current performance
Introduce data collection and measures. Identify opportunities for improvements

Implement Improvements
Carry out improvement work-out sessions and learning by doing

Check and evaluate impact of improvements and
generate actions for sustainability

A Workout team will typically comprise of a project improvement champion, and a core of 2-6 people closely involved in the project or process. In addition, it may be necessary to involve others to assist at key points in the project. These may include supply chain members, suppliers and other members of the client organisation as required. Time and support outside of the planned sessions will also be required to carry out actions and to continue with improvement activities.

We identify, at the start of our workouts the project targets together with the measures to benchmark and quantify improvements. We advocate a combination of cost, quality, time and satisfaction measures but the specific nature will be agreed and tailored to suit each project.
In addition, following each facilitated workout session, a workbook will be produced by 6ix. This workbook will contain a record of what was done and what further actions are required. It will also contain photographic, case study material, often used by our clients to demonstrate their commitment to improvement and useful for tenders and other promotional activities.

We calculate fees on a project specific nature and the current funding opportunities that we have access. For more information or to discuss a particular project please contact us.