Sector: Main Contractor
Project: Improve Project Delivery
Location: Llanrwst, North Wales

What we did:
•    Senior management visioning sessions
•    Company awareness workshops with all staff
•    High level collaborative planning workshops with all key trades
•    Weekly planning workshops with all trades
•    Performance monitoring of weekly site performance
•    Visual management of process on site
•    Establishment of company and project KPI’s
•    Developed standard procedures to capture our best practice and embed in the company

•    Significantly improved ‘buy-in’ from all staff on the need for improvement
•    Learning of best practice tools and techniques for business improvement
•    Improved focus on supply chain management through agreed KPI’s
•    Reduction in visits to  builders merchants through improved planning resulted in an annual cost saving of £18.7K
•    Reduction in merchant visits has reduced our van movements which saves  6.3 metric tonnes of CO2 per annum

Key outputs
£18K per annum labour costs savings
6.3 metric tonnes CO2 saved through reduced transport

Tools applied
•    Weekly planning
•    Team building
•    Visual management
•    Process mapping
•    Problem solving
•    Standard operating procedures

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