Business Improvement Techniques N/SVQ

Applied to the Built Environment
Available to all UK based organisations

Level 2 – for those involved in improvements
Level 3 – for those leading improvements

What is it?
The Business Improvement Techniques N/SVQ is a qualification that will help you and your business to maximise efficiency, profits and revenues by the elimination of waste and provide improved work flow through your business.

This qualification has been successfully applied to other business sectors since 2003, producing cost savings and quality improvements. In conjunction with the Learning Skills Council, colleagues at 6ix have now specifically contextualised the qualification for its application within the UK Construction Industry.

Benefits of the BIT
The Business Improvement Techniques is perhaps unique in its design. Initially bespoke training is provided in tools and techniques designed specifically to produce business benefits. This is followed by a mentoring period where these tools and techniques are applied on real projects by the candidate. A ‘learning by doing’ approach that provides tangible benefits during the training period and beyond.

Example Project Benefits
•    Customer satisfaction increased to 97% for reactive repairs
•    Bottom-line savings of £0.25m per annum on one project
•     Programme performance improved by 36%
•    Quality performance improved by 40%
•     Champions for change established
•     Productivity increased by 35%
•     5% – 25% cost reductions

The NVQ has been identified by the Government as a Key Qualification aimed at improving UK productivity and as a result is likely to see continued funding. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances for us to investigate how we can offset some or all of the cost.

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