awardLean Consultancy

6ix Consulting has an impressive pedigree related to the implementation of Lean Thinking within many different types of organisations across operating in the Construction Sector. Our team of Lean practitioners has unrivalled industry experience and track record in helping improve our customers business processes and performance through Lean.

We can either undertake single project interventions for those wishing to test ‘Lean Thinking’ in their business or transformational lean programmes. We aim to develop partnerships with our customers to support and facilitate transformation, as it is in those businesses where we have supported a Lean Transformation where significant results are attained and sustained.

Lean thinking is aligning your all business or project activity with only those things that ‘Add Value’ to your customer and those things that critically support delivery of the ‘Added Value’. Those activities that do not add value or support value added activities are defined as ‘Waste’.

Elimination of ‘Waste’ creates more capacity with the available resource, allowing delivery ‘more for less’.

When rigorously applied the results are significantly improved quality, productivity, profit, safety and customer satisfaction.