Michelle Sjögren Leong MSc, BSc

MichelleMichelle's background in construction waste management and her pioneering research into the root causes of material and environmental waste led her naturally to discover the revolutionary improvement offered by lean construction. Since then she has pursued the deployment of lean construction with unmatchable vigour.

Michelle's enthusiastic and energetic approach wins teams over quickly and her technical skill ensures the desired outcomes are achieved.

Michelle is a trainer and assessor in the Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) S/NVQ and played a pivotal role in the successful translation of this qualification to the construction sector.

Tangible improvements for client organisations and companies include:-

  • Tender hit rates from 1 in 6 to 4 in 6.
  • 55% improvement in planned activities complete in the design process
  • 20% productivity improvements in office administration
  • 10% reduction of preliminary costs in a major refurbishment project

Michelle's no-nonsense approach ensures that all agreed team actions are closed in a timely manner. This means that the facilitated teams succeed and are further enthused.